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Are you interested in a unique business opportunity that will allow you to provide care to all patients in their home regardless of their medical condition?

We offer the only home care business opportunity that provides a full continuum of home care services for your patients. Our continuum of care model creates patients for life.

What is our continuum of care model?

It is a ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR HOMECARE. Our unique business opportunity will allow you to support and care for all patients in their home, regardless of their medical condition.

Almost all other franchises provide you with one business model and revenue stream. This is usually personal & companion care services. When you qualify and become one of our franchise partners, you get seven different business and revenue opportunities. Our franchise partners have the potential for growth that is unlimited.

Our continuum of care model services needs of our patients in the following areas,

  1. Companion Home Care Services
  2. Personal Home Care Services
  3. Home Health Care Services
  4. In-Home Hospice
  5. Medicare Services for Home Health and Hospice Care
  6. Non-emergency medical transportation
  7. Durable medical equipment
  8. Medical Staffing
  9. Infusion Care
  10. Wound Care
  11. Pediatric Care
  12. Palliative Care

Why limit your business potential with one revenue stream?

Why limit your growth potential with only one business model and revenue stream? When you qualify and become one of our franchise partners, you get to open your home care business along with six additional revenue streams that have unlimited growth potential.

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