State of The Art Home Care Policies & Procedures

Unlike no other policies in the industry. We offer a digital format that includes crosswalks and hyperlink, for a seemless navigational experience.

Our Policies and Procedures Offer an
Interactive Navigational Experience

Crosswalks with Hyperlinks

Crosswalks appear before each section, which link directly to the policies. No need to scroll through entire policies. Crosswalks include Accrediting Bodies' standards and state regulations, whether Medicare or Private Duty.

Hyperlinks, within the crosswalks, allow for effortless operations between Tables of Contents, Crosswalks, and Policies.

Guaranteed to pass licensing and accreditation surveys

Policies and Procedures content aligns with Accrediting Body Standards (ACHC and CHAP), Medicare Regulations (if applicable), and State-specific Requirements, depending on the type of Agency.

  • Accredited Agencies
  • Non-Accredited Agencies

Our home care policy and procedure manuals
are carefully tailored to include the following:

  • State licensing requirements
  • Accrediting body standards
  • The services your agency provides
  • Your home care agency’s name
  • Your agency’s staff
  • Any other important information related to your agency

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Our CEO, Rosina McFadden, is a former Senior CHAP Site Surveyor of 15 years. Rosina is industry acclaimed for pioneering New York’s Long Term Home Health Care Program. This program has become the model for home care as we know it today. She also co-authored the book, “Nursing Homes without Walls,” which is based on these standards.

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