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Home Health, Home Care, and Hospice Policy and Procedures to guide you

Home Care Policies and Procedures for Personal Care & Companion Care Agencies

Our home care policies and procedures are state specific and customized to successfully take your personal care, or companion care home care, Agency through the process of state licensing, regardless of the state where your home care Agency is located.

Our home care consultants guarantee that your home care policies and procedures are well received in your state. If you purchase our home care policies and procedures, and have questions during your state license survey, our home care consultants will be available to answer any questions pertaining to the home care policies and procedures.

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We offer:

  • State-specific Policies:
    • Table of contents
    • Policies written, based on state regulations
  • State-specific Quick Reference:
    • Lists all policies (titles of policies, or brief description of policy) and policy numbers.
    • Lists where policy can be located:
      • State policies
      • State addendums
      • Accrediting Body policies
  • State Addendums:
    • Provide state-specific updates
      • Based on state regulations
    • Table of contents hyperlinked to the policies
    • Crosswalk
      • Hyperlinked to policies

Our Home Care Policy and Procedures include:


  1. Administrative
  2. Home Health and Safety
  3. Scope and Delivery
  4. Personnel Files
  5. Financial Management
  6. Quality Outcomes/Performance Improvement